Propanol 2 Avantor BA-9095-03 HPLC 4 Liter Glass - Seidler

Propanol 2 (Avantor BA-9095-03 HPLC 4 Liter Glass)

A mass quantity container of propanol -2 for use in the microprocessor and electronics manufacturing industry, this high purity solvent is typically used as a solvent in the dipping process used to clean microprocessors and remove an potential impurities or contaminants that would affect their function upon completion. Propanol 2- is a colorless liquid with a pungent odor that is also highly flammable. A simple secondary alcohol, propanol 2- is a structural isomer of 1-propanol, and is widely used in everything from antiseptics to household cleaning detergents. As it easily dissolves most adhesives and glues on contact, it is exceptionally useful for cleaning the residue from ethyl cellulose adhesives, oil residues such as fingerprints on glass, polyvinyl butyral, natural gums and resins, and alkaloids. Due to its rapid evaporation at room temperature, it is an ideal cleaning solution for electronics manufacture since it can rinse the surface of printed circuit boards and microprocessors with leaving a contaminant residue.

Propanol 2 (Avantor BA-9095)