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Uses of Propanol 2 CMOS

What is 2 proponal? Known variously as 2-propanol, propanol 2 CMOS is most commonly known as "isopropyl alcohol." Proponal’s chemical formula may be C3H7OH or C3H8O, and its structure makes it a highly flammable chemical compound. Propanol-2 is colorless and has a strong odor.

Common industrial uses of propanol 2 include:

  • Coatings solvent
  • Chemical intermediate
  • Gasoline additive
  • Acetone derivative

Popular industries of use are:

Automotive: Isopropyl alcohol CMOS is a primary component of "gas dryer" fuel additives, windshield deicers, and brake fluid.

Medical: Propanol 2 is common used as a disinfectant and sanitizing agent. A typical disinfecting pad contains a solution of 60% to 70% 2-propanol in water. At a concentration of 75% in water, it is an effective hand sanitizer.

Laboratory: Propanol 2 is a compound that is frequently used for DNA extraction. It is also a common biological specimen preservative, because it is nontoxic when compared to formaldehyde and other synthesized preservatives. Get a quote today for 2-propanol or any other chemicals that Seidler Chemical Company provides today!