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Propyl Alcohol, N-

Other names for this chemical include propanol or n-propanol. It is naturally occurring alcohol that usually comes from most fermentation processes. As with other alcohols, this substance evaporates in the air and may cause dizziness if inhaled. It is also highly flammable and produces a mild odor.

The primary application of n-propyl alcohol is a cleaning solvent in industrial practices. It works well at breaking down resins and esters, which is why it is also found in many pharmaceutical applications. This chemical may also be utilized in the manufacture of lacquers. Although it has a high octane rating, production of n-propyl alcohol is too expensive to make a viable fuel source.

This chemical must be stored in an airtight container. Due to its high flammability, it should also be stored in a cool, dry area, away from any other combustible materials. Inhalation is uncommon as the vapors are heavier than air, but it can happen. A breathing mask should be worn just in case.