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Propylene Glycol n-Butyl Ether (PnB)

PnB possesses an ether-like odor and is composed of a colorless liquid. PnB evaporates rapidly, and is not water soluble. It’s primary application is in heavy-duty cleaning formulations, but it is also used as a solvent, chemical intermediate, coalescing agent, and as a coupling agent. PnB is also readily biodegradable and unlikely to accumulate in the food chain, as well as practically non-toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms. However, PnB is highly combustible as both a liquid and in vapor form, though it is stable under recommended storage conditions. Additionally, PnB is incompatible with most strong acids, strong bases, and strong oxidizers, and any contact with these substances should be avoided. Eye or skin contact with PnB may cause moderate irritation, and in the case of eye contact can cause slight corneal injury. However, prolonged contact with skin is unlikely to cause any significant or harmful absorption.