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Pumice (pumicite when it is in powder or dust form) is a type of volcanic rock that is formed when hot, pressurized rocks are shot out from a volcano. The sudden change in both temperature and pressure results in a bubbly rock. Pumice is typically lighter in color (white, cream, blue, grey, etc.), and consists of rough textured volcanic glass and may even occasionally contain some crystals.

Pumice is most frequently used to make lightweight concrete or cinder blocks, and it can also be used as an abrasive to make products such as polishes, pencil erasers and other items. Pumice stones are also used at both salons and at home in order to help remove dry skin and calluses from the bottom of the feet. As of recent, more and more companies have begun to produce pumice stone products for people to use in their homes.

Additionally, pumice has found its place in gardening, as it can be used to help aerate your soil better. Pumice is simply mixed with the soil, which allows a better chance for air to come through the soil and improve the growth of plants.