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Reagent Alcohol

Reagent alcohol, also called SD3A alcohol, specially denatured Ethanol, 3A formulation or denatured alcohol, is most commonly used for histology tissue preparation and cytology procedures. It is made by mixing five parts of by volume of IPA to 95 parts by volume of SDA 3A alcohol. Technically this make reagent an SDA-3A derivative or a denatured type of SDA-3A. Its level of denaturant is among the lowest in lab use.

Regeant is one of the most important general use formulas found in laboratories because it is also one of the cleanest and purest types of alcohol used in testing. It does not contain MIBK or ethyl acetate. Some grades are manufactured for UV and LC suitability. Formulas this pure alcohol may be used as fixative, dehydrants, clearing agents, decalcifiers and aldehyde neutralizers that treat spent products. Eyeshields, faceshields, gloves and similar safety equipment are usually required while handling this liquid.