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Remover 1165

When dealing with chemicals, it is important to fully understand what each one is made of. It is also important to know the possible repercussions when using them. The chemical Remover 1165, is known as a Microposit Remover 1165, a mixture of pure organic solvents specifically formulated to remove all Shipley Microposit and Megaposit Photoresists.

Remover 1165 has an extended bath life, which means that it possesses a high bath capacity, a low bath evaporation rate, and a high solvent boiling point. Additionally, this specific chemical is recommended for applications where the photoresist has seen high temperatures, strong etchants, or other harsh processing conditions. It is important to understand what a chemical is made of, and how it operates. It is also important to know the environmental consequences that can occur from using it.

Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of remover 1165 is its environmental and health advantages.  Remover 1165 is free of acetate, cellosolve, acetone, and xylene.  It is also compatible with current waste treatment procedures.