Custom & Batch Chemical Repackaging - Seidler

Custom/Batch Repackaging

Is there a product that you are not able to purchase in the optimal package size that you would like? (see testimonial to left)

Add to this, in today’s marketplace, disposal of unwanted chemicals can have a major impact on the cost of manufacturing and formulating.

Why not utilize a supplier that not only delivers the products you need when you want them, but can also supply them in a size that fits your true requirements?

One of Seidler Chemical’s specialties is the repackaging of hundreds of products into customer specified sizes and containers.

This can include:

  • Sizes particular to a production batch
  • Product in a specialized container
  • R&D and Pilot Plant quantities that are smaller than standard packaging
  • Product pre-blends to simplify production

Hundreds of products are available in sizes from grams and milliliters to pails, drums and bulk.

Although we do not repackage every product, you will be surprised at the many that we do. Give us a call (973) 465-1122. Send us an e-mail