Rewocid® Distributor & Supplier - Seidler


Disodium Undeclenamido MEA-Sulfosuccinate is commonly called Rewocid SB U 185. It it primarily used as a mild amphoteric surfactant (substance that reduces surface tension of a liquid when dissolved)  in in a wide variety of shower products. That addition of Rewocid® to most anti-dandruff shampoos is a result of its low irritancy and good substantivity to the skin. This helps to ensure extended contact time between the skin and the active ingredient of anti-dandruff shampoo (typically zinc pyrithion), maximizing performance without requiring an increase in the level of active material within the shampoo. As it is primarily used in cosmetics such as shampoo, conditioner, skin cream, liquid soap, and lotions, Rewocid® has few other practical applications outside of the cosmetics industry. Suggested usage in most applications is between a 1-3% range of concentration. Additionally, longer storage times, especially at lower temperatures, can lead to small changes in the overall appearance of this solution.