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Salt 99.5%

This substance is a white, crystalline material. The percentage rating refers to the purity of this salt, which means that it is almost 100% pure. As such, it is highly soluble in water and can be used for a variety of applications. Salt is not toxic to humans except in ultra-high doses, and it is stable and can be handled accordingly.

Salt 99.5% can be utilized in a variety of industries, particularly when it is combined with other elements. Because it is stable in a crystalline form, it can be mixed with minerals such as magnesium and nitrite. The primary purpose of pure salt is for fertilizer, curing meats, and food additives. Salt can also be found in the leather industry as filler for various curing processes.

Gloves must be worn when handling salt 99.5% because direct contact with the skin could contaminate the sample. However, breathing masks and eye protection are not necessary because it doesn’t emit any vapors. Over time, the substance may turn slightly yellow, but this is normal.