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We all know that Sodium Chloride or Common Table Salt can flavor our food and make it taste better but this crucial mineral also contains Iodide which is a necessary nutrient. For this reason, the people of Sudan once traded gold to acquire Salt to prevent iodine deficiency within their citizens. All the gold in the world has little value if you suffer from painful goiter which is a condition that causes the thyroid glands to swell. Sodium Chloride also preforms several other crucial functions such as the preservation of food. Pickles and beef jerky are two examples of the many foods that are preserved through the use of Sodium Chloride.

Sodium chloride is also used to prevent roads from freezing in the winter. It lowers the freezing temperature of water by about 20 degrees and prevents ice from forming because the water can't go form liquid to solid form. With all the functions that Salt preforms, it's amazing how we take it for granted but the modern world wouldn't be the same without it.