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Sand Purified

This substance is created by taking sand that is high in quartz and reducing it to nanometer sized particles. The sand is purified in this process, removing any foreign elements or undesirable components that may have an adverse effect on the results of using the product. Sand Purified is also mixed with salt and magnesium to give it more reactive properties. In the end, the sand is almost pure silicon when purified completely.

Sand Purified is used for electronic processes, most notably in the production of better batteries. The sand is a much better conductor than traditional methods, creating batteries that will be more energy efficient and last longer than other models. In fact, using Purified Sand, researchers have been able to create batteries that are three times denser than traditional ones, meaning that they can last up to three times as long. Purified Sand can also be used in other applications where silicone is needed in a stable, dense form.