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Sodium Bicarbonate

The chemical compound sodium bicarbonate is commonly referred to as baking soda. Its' chemical formula is NaHCO3. This compound is a crystalline white solid although frequently, it comes in powder form.

The EU (European Union) has given this compound a code, along with several other food additives. E500 are the initials that identify it. Nahcolite is the compound's natural mineral form.

This compound can reduce stomach acid. Also, it is an antacid, which is used to ease indigestion, upset stomachs and heartburn. It might be used to reduce the acidity of urine too. This enables the kidneys to eliminate uric acid, which prevents kidney stones and gout.

Sometimes, NaHCO3 is employed to improve the effects of certain drugs, such as sulfonamides. Alternatively, it can allow the body to counteract the problems caused by overdosing on drugs (such as phenobarbital). Furthermore, it can treat and stop some metabolic conditions resulting from kidney disease.

This compound is also be used in soap making to add gentle exfoliant properties to soaps and scrubs.