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Sodium Bisulfite (Avantor MA-7448-20 ACS 12 Kg)

This is a solid substance that can either be found as white crystals or crystalline powder. It produces a slight sulfurous odor, and it is miscible in water. It is usually created by bubbling sulfur dioxide in a solution of sodium carbonate and water. As such, it is irritating to the skin and eyes.

The primary purpose of this chemical is a food additive with the number E222. It is utilized in some winemaking processes as a means to prevent oxidation and preserve flavor. It can also be used to prevent browning of canned foods as well. Industrial applications included water treatment to remove chlorine as well as breaking down oxygen in steam boilers.

Although sodium bisulfite is a food additive, in concentrated doses it can be a mild irritant if touched or swallowed. Goggles and gloves should be worn at all times, and a breathing mask if you are dealing with fine powder. It will irritate the skin and create rashes and redness, so it should be washed thoroughly to minimize these effects.

Sodium Bisulfite (Avantor MA-7448)