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Sodium Chlorate Untreated

Sodium Chlorate Untreated is a colorless crystalline compound used as a bleaching and oxidizing agent and as a chemical component of explosives. It is also used as a component of matches and as a textile mordant. This chemical is also commonly used as a weed killer.

The primary use for this chemical, however, is in the manufacture of chlorine dioxide, used in the bleaching of wood pulp.

In its other common use as a non-selective herbicide, it is photo-toxic to all green plant parts and can also kill undesirable plants through root absorption. Because of its widespread properties, however, it also kills a number of desirable plants such as cotton, safflower, corn, flax, peppers, soybeans, sorghum, southern peas, dry beans, rice and sunflowers.

Another usage includes formulations in chemical oxygen generation in aircraft by providing emergency oxygen masks in the event of low air pressure. The chemical is available in dust, spray and granule formulations.