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Sodium Chlorate

Sodium Chlorate (NACLO3) is an odorless and colorless compound with many real-world applications. Best known as a bleaching agent, it has a number of uses that make its production quite important. Though toxic if ingested, the chemical is still one of the more important compounds manufactured in the industrialized world.

The compound has a number of industrial and agricultural uses. It is perhaps best known for its inclusion in a number of common products, ranging from fire extinguishers to matches. It is also commonly found in applications as varied as bleaching and refrigerants, leaving the compound as one that is important for a number of different industries and production lines.

Apart from industrial usage, it has also found significant past use in the agricultural field. While it is banned as a pesticide and fumigant in many areas due to its deleterious effects on the environment, it still has many agricultural applications.