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Sodium Chloride

More often called simply by its given name salt or halite, sodium chloride is the primary salt that provides seawater with its salinity, as well as the extracellular fluid of numerous multicellular organisms. It is often added to food to season and preserve it, and in industrial mass production it is a common feedstock for the synthesis of numerous other chemical compounds that require both sodium and chlorine. Furthermore, large quantities of sodium chloride are used to de-ice highways and roadways in the winter time, as sodium chloride lowers the freezing point of water below 32 Fahrenheit when distributed over ice. Sodium chloride is typically extracted from ocean water in mass quantities, however it can also be mined and extracted from mineral deposits as well. International sodium chloride production is so prodigious that it averages 250 megatons per year, and is used in a wide variety of industrial applications including medicine, firefighting, cleaning, oil and gas extraction, water treatment, and many more.