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Sodium Dithionite

Sodium Dithionite is widely used as a reduction agent, a sulfonating agent, as well as a cation source. Also known as sodium hydrosulfite, this product is available in a dry white material that must be handled with care due to its flammable qualities. Though there are many uses for this chemical, it is most commonly used in industries that manufacture textiles, pulp and paper, leather products, foods and beverages, as well as in polymer products.

Other uses for this agent include environmental improvements, water treatment processes, as well as in gas purification processes. This powerful agent is considered to be a safe and powerful reducing agent that is inexpensive. This agent is an excellent for use in the reduction of aromatic nitro compounds, pyridinium compounds, complex oximes, diazonium salts, and other nitrogen containing products.

Textile and paper industries use this reducing agent in vat dyes, and dyes that contain sulfur. It is excellent for optimizing color fastness and bleaching yellow tints out of paper, cotton, and wool products. This versatile and inexpensive agent is used in many manufacturing as well as in laboratory processes.