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Sodium hexametaphosphate

Abbreviated as SHMP, this hexamer composition is most commonly used as a sequestrant and is also widely used industrially as a food additive, and as one of the key ingredients in water softener and detergents. In clay based ceramic production SHMP is used as a deflocculant, and as a dispersing agent to break down clay and other soil types for soil texture assessments. Additionally, SHMP is also an active ingredient in toothpastes as an anti-staining and tartar prevention ingredient. SHMP is also added to artificial maple syrup, canned milk, cheese powders and dips, imitation cheese, whipped topping, packaged egg whites, roast beef, fish fillets, fruit jelly, frozen desserts, salad dressing, herring, breakfast cereal, ice cream, beer, and bottled beverages. Adding SHMP to these products helps maintain quality and stability during storage by forming chelate complexes with polyvalent metal ions such as copper, iron, and nickel to prevent oxidation of the fats in food.