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Sodium Hydroxide 500 (Avantor MA-7680-04 GM NF FCC)

Common names for this substance include lye, caustic soda, and ascarite. It is a white, waxy crystal that dissolves well in water. You can either find it in solid or liquid form when it is mixed into a solution of water. Sodium hydroxide is highly corrosive to human tissue, but it is not flammable.

This substance can be found in a broad range of industries. It can help turn wood fibers into pulp for paper production, and it can be utilized in the formation of soaps. In the food industry, lye is used in low concentrations for chemically peeling fruit or thickening ice cream. In concentrated doses, this substance also works well as an industrial cleaning agent, particularly for metal surfaces.

Because it is highly corrosive, caution and care should be provided when handling this substance. It can create severe chemical burns when exposed directly to the skin and eyes, and it can also absorb water and carbon dioxide from the air. Sodium hydroxide should be stored in airtight containers and held with proper protection.

Sodium Hydroxide 500 (Avantor MA-7680)