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Sodium Hydroxide (Avantor BA-3718-07 PELS 12Kg)

As a solid, this chemical forms white, waxy pellets. It is odorless and dissolves quickly in water. It absorbs water and carbon dioxide from the air, and it is highly corrosive to tissue and skin. Other names for sodium hydroxide include lye and caustic soda.

This substance can be found in many different industries and manufacturing processes. In paper production, it helps turn wood fibers into pulp. In the food industry, lye can be utilized for various things like peeling fruits and vegetables or thickening ice cream. Because it breaks down tissue well, sodium hydroxide works as a cleaning agent, even for body parts and roadkill. This substance is available commercially as an industrial cleaner.

Care and caution must be taken when handling this chemical as it could cause severe chemical burns if exposed directly to the skin or eyes. It must be stored in a cool, dry area to avoid contamination or exposure to the air.

Sodium Hydroxide (Avantor MA-3718)