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Sodium Hypochlorite 5-15%

Sodium hypochlorite 5-15% is also known as liquid bleach. It is a commonly used substance which disinfects and also whitens clothes. It is not a natural compound but rather a synthetic substance first produced in 1789.

The molecular formula for this substance consists of one sodium atom, one chlorine atom and one oxygen atom. The liquid has a greenish-yellow cast. It is only slightly denser than liquid water and boils at 101 degrees Celsius.

There are three primary uses for bleach today. It is used by private individuals, businesses and governments. Households use it to remove stains and whiten clothes. People also use it privately and commercially as a disinfectant for surfaces. There is an industrial application for bleach that uses it to treat water. This has to be performed very carefully because bleach is toxic and must be removed from the water after treatment and before distribution to households.

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