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Sodium Metaborate

Sodium metaborate is often used a component of most photographic developers and replenishers. Typically, its function can act as a buffering agent in order to control acidity levels within desired limits.

In addition to such applications, the compound is commonly utilized as an adhesive as well. A very specific effect of the compound can be seen in the preparation of starch and dextrin adhesives. This is due to the very high degree of alkalinity found in the compound, and the resulting reactions between its combinations. An interchain linkage will produce an adhesive that has powerful viscosity, along with quicker tack and much more fluid properties.

All of these qualities make this adhesive essential in a wide variety of different industries. It can be commonly used in corrugated boxes, most paper bags, various paper boards, and gummed tape. Such versatile applications make it a desired compound for most household items and applications.