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Sodium Saccharin

Sodium saccharin is most widely known as the solid form of an artificial sweetener that is known as saccharin. This type of compound does not have nutritive value and is typically only used to add flavor to various beverages and food without adding calories or the other detrimental effects of ordinary sugar. Many people use this compound to help reduce their consumption of sugar, which in turn can help them avoid numerous health concerns, such as diabetes, cardiovascular system problems, and obesity.

Typically, this compound is also used outside of residential areas in business applications and products. Among the most common and popular include toothpastes, medicines, carbonated beverages, and other commercially packed and distributed goods. The compound's high water solubility and easily blended taste makes it a popular item in the household of health conscious people, as it can easily be applied to ordinary quick drinks and in cooking and baking mixtures.