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Sodium Silicate

Commonly used in cements, passive fire protection systems, refractories, textile and lumber processing, and automobiles, sodium silicate is the most commonly used name for compounds with the formula (Na2SiO2)nO. Originally called “waterglass” and “liquid glass” due to the original substance being created by melting sand with excess alkali, the first sodium silicate was created using potash and silica, and was dubbed “liquor silicum” Sodium silicate is white in color in its purest form, but generally commercial grade samples are tinted green or blue by the presence of iron-containing impurities. Industrial grades of sodium silicate are typically characterized and categorized by their weight ratios. Grades with a ratio lower due to their han 2.85:1 are termed alkaline, while those grades below 2.85:1 are labeled as neutral. It is used in adhesives, drilling fluids, concrete and masonry treatments, detergents, and water treatments, food preservation, metal repair, and automotive repair.