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Sodium Sulfate

Sodium sulfate commonly refers to the sodium salt that results from sulfuric acid. When it is anhydrous in a controlled environment, it commonly appears as a white crystalline solid of the Na2SO4 formula. This formula is commonly known as the mineral thenardite. The decahydrate of the compound is often naturally found in mirabilite. It may also be found in a processed form in Glauber's salt.

Sodium sulfate has a variety of different commercial and industrial uses. It is primarily developed to be used in detergents. It is also commonly used in the Kraft process when it comes to paper pulping. It is an extremely commonly used compound in those industries, and approximately two thirds of the entire world's production is made from mirabilite. Where the natural form of the decahydrate is not used, the remainder is made form the by products of various chemical processes, including things such as hydrochloric acid production.