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Solar Salt

Differentiated from rock salt due to the more refined and extensively involved collection process, solar salt is a purer form of sodium chloride extracted from seawater over a period of several years. Solar salt gets its name from the collection process that involves extensive time exposing fresh salt water to sunlight and wind in order to increase the salt concentration of seawater from which it is extracted. Solar salt contains no impurities due to its five year natural collection and filtration process, and once it has been harvested from the collection pools of brine, it is screened, crushed, and packaged for end user uses and purposes. It’s primary use is in consumer water softeners since its high level of purity means it leaves little to no residue in sewage systems, and it is also more effective, but it is also used for salt lick bait for hunting, and as a deicing agent for roads in wintery conditions.