Stannous Chloride - Avantor MA-8176-04 AR, 500 GM - Seidler

Stannous Chloride (MA-8176-04 AR, 500 GM)

This substance is a white, crystalline solid. It is odorless and is highly soluble in water, although it does undergo hydrolysis in hot water. Another common name for this chemical is Tin(II) Chloride, although it shouldn’t be confused with Tin(IV) Chloride or Stannic Chloride.

One of the primary applications of this substance is to create tin-plated metal, such as the production of tin cans. Stannous chloride is mixed with a little hydrochloric acid and applied via electrolysis. In textile dying, this chemical is used as a mordant to create brighter colors. It can also be utilized as a catalyst for several other production processes, such as making polylactic acid or acetone peroxide.

Stannous chloride is toxic to humans and should be handled with great care. Inhalation and direct contact with the skin or eyes can result in burns or blistering. Gloves, goggles, and a breathing mask should be worn at all times. This material is not flammable.

Stannous Chloride (Avantor MA-8176)