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Stannous Chloride

Stannous chloride is a white, water- soluble solid crystalline. The chemical is generally used as a tinning and reducing agent (for acid solutions). The substance is also referred to as Tin (II) chloride which is used in an electrolytic bath for the purpose of tin plating. SnCl2 is also utilized as a mordant for anything that is dyed using cochineal. Tin (II) chloride is added to some bottled and canned foods and its E number is E512.

The chemical is used when mirrors are silvered and it is often used within the textile industry to add weight to silk. Tin (II) chloride acts a catalyst when producing PLA (polylactic acid) and it is also utilized as a catalyst when mixing hydrogen peroxide and acetone to create acetone peroxide. SnCl2 is widely used to test for gold compound presence. If gold is present then the chemical reacts by turning a vivid purple.