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Stannous Sulfate

Stannous sulfate or tin (II) sulfate's chemical formula is SnSO4. It has a molecular weight of 214.75. It is a yellowish white crystalline powder at room temperature.

Tin sulfate is added to an aqueous solution to facilitate the electrolytic coating of metals with tin. The process uses a tin anode and the metal serves as the cathode. An electronic current flows from the anode to the cathode through the bath or solution, and tin is deposited on the cathode.

Tin acid plating provides brighter sheen and better corrosion resistance than alkaline plating. The addition of organics to the acid bath gives the plating color and aesthetic appeal.

The acid coating process provides a fine grain deposit that protects metals from corrosion. Food processing equipment manufacturers use it to keep metal parts from interacting with food. It is also used by the electronics industry. Recently the process has gained popularity within the automotive and architectural industries.