Sulfosuccinates Distributor & Supplier - Seidler


Sulfosuccinates are anionic surfactants with superior emulsifying, wetting and dispersing properties. They are of low toxicity and biodegradable. Stable in neutral solutions, this chemical may hydrolyse when diluted in strong alkaline or acid solutions. The pH is around 6.0, and the molecular formula is C20H37NaO7S.

The mild detergent properties of sulfosuccinates are ideal for personal care items. Products include facial cleaners, baby shampoos and bubble baths. They are a perfect ingredient for cleansing products for sensitive and oily skin, and for hair shampoos.

Industrial applications include:

• Cleanser for dry cleaning, glass and floor cleaners, and carpet shampoos
• Agrochemical use as wetting agents, penetrants and emulsifiers
• Cotton cloth desizing to improve wetting and penetration of desizing agents and dye dispersants
• Rewetting agent, and as a detergent in the leather and fur industry
• Mold release agent for rubber and plastics
• Dewatering and wetting agent in mining processes
• Wetting agent, emulsifying agent and pigment dispersant in paints