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Sulfur, Sublimed

As one of the most plentiful elements on the periodic table, sulfur has a tremendous number of uses in all areas of industrial and commercial manufacturing. Sublimed sulfur is the term used to describe sulfur that is used as a topical agent in lotions and creams for the purpose of treating skin conditions that require the use of a scabicide (scabies skin parasites) and as a general antiparasitic. Sometimes referred to as “flowers of sulfur”, this compound was traditionally produced by sublimation of brimstone deposits, though occasionally the residue left behind would generate pockets of sulfuric acid, so the resultant “sulfur vivum” from the sublimation process was washed to reduce its caustic nature. Sublimed sulfur is also used in agriculture as a fungicide, and also as a fumigant and insecticide to eliminate household pests and hosts of crop destroying insects. In use since the days of antiquity, this compound is readily available as both a dietary supplement and in topical form for treating various conditions of the skin.