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Sulfuric Acid 25% & 50%

H2S04 is the chemical name for sulfuric acid. This colorless and pungent acid is the most corrosive acid known to the world of science. Sulfuric acid contains strong oxidizing properties which cause it to be very reactive when combined with water or metals.

Sulfuric acid is a liquid and used in a concentrated form through many different dilutions. This gives it a wide range of use, including areas such as the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, petrochemical, textile, fertilizer, and automotive industries.

Sulfuric acid is needed in order to produce phosphate fertilizers, and the refining of oil, where it takes on the role of a dehydrating agent because of the strong hygroscopic properties it consists of. It is also used in order to remove oxides from metal surfaces, and is even a common chemical found in both primary and secondary educational laboratories.

Sulfuric acid is available for educational, commercial, and industrial use. It is typically shipped at 98 percent sulfuric acid. By adding more water to the solution, the percentage of sulfuric acid decreases accordingly creating formulas such as sulfuric acid 25 percent and sulfuric acid 50 percent.