Sulfuric Acid Avantor BA-9673-33 INSTRA 2.5 Liters - Seidler

Sulfuric Acid (Avantor BA-9673-33 INSTRA 2.5 Liters)

A highly corrosive strong mineral acid, sulfuric acid is pungent-ethereal, often slightly yellow or colorless liquid possessing a viscous texture that is completely soluble in water regardless of concentration. As a diprotic acid, the properties of sulfuric acid vary based on the concentration. For example, on metal, stone, or living tissue it has strong acidic properties, but at high concentrations also possesses dehydrating and oxidizing properties as well. This particular concentration and purity grade of sulfuric acid ships in a PVC line plastic bottle in order to prevent shattering or fracturing should the bottle be dropped during handling or use. It also protects the stopper or dropper in the neck of the bottle, ensuring that no leaks or splashes occur should either closure type be in place in the event of an accident. Proper universal precautions should be employed during handling and use to protect tissue and eyes from accidental contact.

Sulfuric Acid (Avantor BA-9673)