Sulfuric Acid - Avantor BA-9684-03 CMOS, 9 Lb - Seidler

Sulfuric Acid (BA-9684-03 CMOS, 9 Lb)

This acid is a clear, colorless, and oily liquid. It does not produce any odors or vapors unless heated. It is also tasteless, although ingestion can be harmful. This acid is highly corrosive to both metal and human tissue and must be treated with care.

Sulfuric acid is utilized in a wide variety of industries. It can be part of the production process for resins, dyes, detergents, nylon, paint, enamel, batteries, and even explosives. It also works as a cleaning agent, primarily to remove rust and limescale. The main purpose of sulfuric acid, however, is to produce phosphoric acid, which is a key ingredient in most modern fertilizers.

Proper safety equipment must be worn when handling this substance. It is not flammable, but it should be stored in a cool, dry area. Goggles, a breathing mask, and gloves must be used at all times. Sulfuric acid can cause severe chemical burns, blindness, and even death if ingested or inhaled in excessive amounts.