Sulfuric Acid - Avantor BA-9696-09, 50% w/w 600 Lb - Seidler

Sulfuric Acid (BA-9696-09, 50% w/w, 600 Lb)

This substance is a clear, oily liquid. It is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, although it is highly toxic for humans and should not be ingested. At high temperatures, this acid can produce strong vapors that can cause illness if proper safety gear isn’t used. Another name for this chemical is oil of vitriol.

Sulfuric acid is highly corrosive to most metals, and thus makes a fantastic cleaning agent for iron and steel production. It helps to remove rust and limescale and smooth out imperfections along the surface. The majority of this acid, however, is used in the production of phosphorous fertilizers. This substance can also be found in oil refining, nylon manufacturing, as well as the processes for making a variety of detergents and dyes.

Due to its corrosive and toxic nature, care and caution must be utilized when handling this chemical. Gloves, goggles, and a breathing mask are necessary at all times. It is not flammable, but it should be stored in a cool, dry area.

Sulfuric Acid (Avantor BA-9696)