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Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric acid has the chemical name H2SO4 is a pungent colorless acid that is one of the strongest and most corrosive acids known to humankind. It is a highly reactive acid and has widespread industrial applications. H2SO4 reacts strongly with water and metals, had has strong oxidizing properties.

This viscous liquid is available in concentrated form or in a range of dilutions for use in a wide range of areas including the petrochemical, textile, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, automobile and fertilizer industries. The acid's is used in the manufacture of phosphate fertilizers and in the refining of oil, where it acts as a dehydrating agent on account of its strong hygroscopic properties. It finds use as a pickling agent to remove oxides from metal surfaces and even finds use as a laboratory chemical in schools and colleges.

This acid is sold for commercial, industrial and educational use. Since the acid is completely soluble in water, it is diluted in appropriate measures for use in different areas.