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SVC14 Positive Photo StripperĀ®

A highly effective positive photoresist stripper formulation, SVC 14 was originally created by Rohm and Haas Electronic materials for the purpose of removing bulk photoresist. Photoresist is a light-sensitive organic polymer that changes its overall chemical structure when exposed to light. It has uses in photolithography, photoengraving, and patterned surface coating in electronics manufacturing and design.. Positive photoresists are generally exposed to UV light in order to make it soluble in the developer where underlying material is to be removed. It is compatible with both spray and immersion process tools, and since this chemical is a non NMP format, it is especially effective at removing hard baked, deep UV baked resist, and ion implanted resist. SVC 14 also performs exceptionally well at the metal lift-off, and is free of organic bases or acids. Additionally, its composition makes it ideal for GaAs semiconductors and optoelectronic devices composed of or containing group III-V metals.