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Sweeping Compound

This is a generalized term for compounds used to clean up spills and clean flooring more effectively to remove dust and dirt. There are three components to most industrial and commercial sweeping compounds oil, wax, and wood shavings: Oils in sweeping compounds are clear, light, thin oil such as mineral spirits, glycerin, or mineral seal oil, and some newer sweeping compounds even use recycled motor oil since it is tackier and collects dirt more effectively.  The wax in the best sweeping compounds is usually paraffin soft wax, but there are less costly alternatives. Wood shavings are used as the medium to keep keep the oil and wax combination from coating the floor, and softwood shavings are considered best due to their more absorbent nature. Less expensive compounds use mineral oil, glycerin instead of wax, and hardwood shavings, whereas high grade sweeping compounds will use mineral spirits, paraffin wax, and softwood shavings.