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Tertiary Dodecyl Mercaptan

Tertiary dodecyl mercaptan or TDM is a combination of isometric thiols obtained from oligomers of isobutylene trimer or propylene tetramer. Manufacturers pick one of these two and mix it with hydrogen sulfide, then pass the mixture over a catalyst like boron trifluoride to produce TDM.

It has recently become a significant industrial chemical because of its use as a chain transfer agent in the manufacture of latex. As an agent, it helps in the polymerization of the end products. This role used to be given to chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, and other compounds of chlorine. However, their toxicity and negative ecological impact made the industry look for alternatives.

This chemical also goes by the following names: tert-Dodecyl mercaptan, TERT-DODECANETHIOL, t-Dodecanethiol, Sulfole 120, tert-Dodecylthiol, CCRIS 6030, and t-DDM. It is used as an intermediate, as a process regulator, and as an additive to lubricants. This appears as a colorless liquid with a repulsive odor.