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Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate

This colorless or white crystalline substance is also produced in a granular or crystalline powder. Tetrapotassium pyrophosphate (TKKP) is a hydroscopic solid that is soluble in water and insoluble in ethanol. It also possesses a higher solubility in water treatment formulations than sodium derivatives.  Primarily used as an emulsifier, metal ion chelating agent, and quality improver, TKKP maintains freshness, holds water, and improves the quality of flash-frozen marine products. It is also used in the food industry to prevent struvite formation in canned seafoods, the discoloration of canned fruit products, improve the swelling rate of ice cream, improve the taste of noodles and cake, and prevent cheese from aging. In agriculture, TKKP is used in herbicidal compositions as a spray adjuvant that allows for better nutrient absorption in desired plant species and inhibits the nutrient absorption in unwanted plant species. TKKP is also used in the cosmetics industry as a buffering, chelating, and oral care.