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Thioacetamide is identified as an organosulfur compound that has the formula of C2H5NS. It appears most commonly as a white crystalline solid, which is soluble in water and it can be used to serve as a source of sulfide ions in synthesis reactions of both organic and inorganic compounds. Professionals identify it as a prototypical thioamide. This compound is widely used in classical qualitative inorganic analysis applications, such as when it is used in a situ source for studying sulfide ions. In such a way, the treatment of aqueous solutions of a variety of different types of metal cations is performed with this compound.

Thioacetamide is identified as a carcinogen class 2B. This means that it produces hepatotoxicity in animals exposed to it. The toxicity values are immense, and can result in a variety of health concerns. Professionals should always use caution when handling this compound in order to avoid toxic side effects.