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What Is Tripotassium Phosphate?

What is tripotassium phosphate? Tripotassium phosphate (Chemical formula: K3PO4) is an ionic salt that dissolves in water. It is utilized as an additive in various foods, due to its' properties as a foaming agent, whipping agent and emulsifier. In poultry processing, it can be an antimicrobial agent in conjunction with fatty acids. As a fertilizer, 0-33-67 are its' respective N, P-2O5 and K2O proportions.

There is no evidence to suggest that tripotassium phosphate in food as an additive is poisonous to humans. However, unless it is included in a buffered solution, a known side effect is it can irritate the gastric mucosa. K3PO4 might lessen lactic acid build up in the muscles. Excessive consumption of KEPO4 can result in a mineral imbalance, leading to kidney calcification and a loss of bone calcium. Seventy mg is the maximum recommended daily intake of KEPO4. When consumed via a Western diet of junk food (of sugary cereal & other non-healthy meals), it can reach in excess of 500 mg. This increases risk of osteoporosis. Get a quote from Seidler Chemical for Tripotassium Phosphate today!