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Undecylenamide DEA

This substance is colorless and odorless, and it is created by mixing ethanolamides with undecylenic acid. The acid is ideal for combating fungus, making this chemical ideal for fungal creams and ointments, including those for athlete’s foot. The ethanolamides in the mixture also make it a good surfactant and emulsifier.

Although Undecylenamide DEA is toxic if ingested, in small amounts it is safe to use and rated as such for cosmetics. The substance is water soluble and works well to make surfaces hygroscopic, as with all surfactants. Other applications of this chemical include hair products, as it can make the strands wetter and more absorbent. This substance also helps with foaming, meaning that it can work well in hair shampoos and conditioners. Undecylenamide DEA also helps create viscosity in hair.