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Urea Prilled

Urea prilled is a widely used nitrogenous fertilizer. It has a nitrogen content of 46 percent and is an ideal source of nitrogen for a variety of crops. Apart from its use as a fertilizer, this chemical is also used as a raw material for melamine. It is used for the manufacture of a number of industrial products, too.

This fertilizer contains carbon, so it is considered an organic compound. Its chemical formula is CO(NH2)2 and it is non-radioactive. It is soluble in water and has a melting point of 132 Degrees Celsius. The color is white and the moisture content is 0.03 percent maximum.

This fertilizer can be used throughout the growing season. It works very well if it's applied three times or more in the farming year. This product is safe and chemically stable. It breaks down easily and produces ammonia, carbon, oxides of nitrogen and hydrogen cyanide when it decomposes.