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Vinyl Acetate

Vinyl Acetate is a chemical building block that is used in the manufacture of a wide variety of commercial and industrial products. Among the substances in which it is a key ingredient are resins, polymers, paints, adhesives, coatings, wire and cable compounds containing polyethylene, laminated safety glass, textile, plastic fuel tanks and acrylic fabrics. Adhesives made with this chemical have above average sticking properties to a variety of materials such as metal, porcelain,and a number of different wood products. These adhesives are also color stable.

Although this chemical is reactive and flammable, it may be handled and transported safely if its properties are understood. Exposure can irritate human respiratory tracts, eyes and skin and can sometimes produce an allergic reaction. Animal studies indicate that long-term exposure to this chemical caused cancer when the animals were exposed to high concentrations over long periods of time. Humans, however, usually are exposed to the chemical at low concentrations for short periods of time.