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Water (Avantor BA-4218-03 HPLC 4 Liter Glass)

A readily available chemical substance found in nature in its liquid state, water is fundamental to the life cycle of all carbon-based organisms. This particular variety of water is distilled in order to remove any impurities, and is intended for use in high performance liquid chromatography. As a polar inorganic compound that is both tasteless and colorless at room temperature, water is considered the universal solvent due to its ability to dissolve many substances on contact or after prolonged exposure. Pure water has relatively low electrical conductivity, a property which can be altered by the addition of a common salt such as sodium chloride. Running an electrical current through water separates the hydrogen and oxygen, a technique which is known as electrolysis. Water is also highly reactive with elements that possess a more electropositive nature than hydrogen, including lithium, sodium, calcium, potassium, and caesium. These elements can all displace hydrogen from water, forming hydroxides as they release the hydrogen from water.

Water (Avantor BA-4218)