Xylenes Avantor BA-9493-03 CMOS 4 Liter Bottle - Seidler

Xylenes (Avantor BA-9493-03 CMOS 4 Liter Bottle)

A high purity blend of xylenes, this electronics grade solvent is used in the manufacturing process for microprocessors and other electronics. Before assembly, the silicon wafers used in printed circuit boards and microprocessors are dipped, rinsed, or washed with a solvent to remove any impurities or contaminant particles that may be on the surface of the board. Xylenes are also used to clean integrated circuits as well. Additionally, xylenes are also used as a solvent for cleaning steel in heavy industry, dissolving gutta percha compound used in endodontics for dentistry and to dissolve paraffin wax buildup in petroleum processing pipes. In laboratory settings, xylenes are often used in combination with dry ice to bathe reaction vessels in a cooling solution, and as a solvent to remove the synthetic immersion oil from microscopic objectives examined in light microscopy. Furthermore, xylene is often used to remove paraffin from dried microscope slides before staining and immersed in xylenes shortly afterward before being mounted with a coverslip.