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Another term for this chemical is xylene, and in many cases, these names are interchangeable. This is a colorless and highly flammable liquid. Xylol is a petroleum-based product, so it can feel a bit greasy at times. Also, it cannot dissolve in water, and it evaporates quickly into the air.

One application of xylol is thinning enamel paints. It can also be found in a variety of industries that use petrochemicals for production. Rubbers, inks, and dyes can contain amounts of xylol, as well as several cleaning agents. This substance can work well on most metals.

This chemical should be handled with caution due to its toxicity to humans and the fact that it is highly flammable. It should be adequately sealed and stored in a cool, dry area. Goggles and a breathing mask should be worn when handling concentrated amounts of xylol.