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Zinc Dust

In industrial applications, zinc dust is used as a precipitant in the gold and silver recovery process and as an additive in paint and similar industrial coatings to prevent corrosion. It is also found in cosmetics like talcum and face powder to provide UVA protection and mask the presence of pores and blemishes. In the human body, zinc is a mineral that acts as an immune booster, and aids the body in maintaining sensory capabilities such as sight, taste, and smell. This is why zinc is often one the essential ingredients in cough and cold preventatives and multivitamins, as it has numerous benefits to the human body in the daily recommended doses. Studies have shown that regular ingestion of zinc via multivitamin supplements does provide immune system benefits if taken over an extended period of time. Another interesting property of zinc is that it is infinitely recyclable without losing any of its structural or functional characteristics.